181 Thompson St. 

Italian $$$$

Reserve at midnight one month in advance from current date

Email at 9am ET one month in advance on a weekday or 10am ET on a weekend

One of the most famous Italian places in the city. Reservations are hard to come by and if you can snag one for a group of four, it is a much better experience (than just two people). Spicy rigatoni is the highlight and the rest is just gravy. Go in knowing you’re going to be forking up some cash.

When emailing for the reservation, Carbone takes them in the order received starting after 9am/10am ET….it will be hard to get a reservation (if you don’t have connections or call through Amex) so I suggest only trying to do for two or four people and if you can go on a non-weekend, chances are better.

Spicy rigatoni

Spicy rigatoni